Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ordered A New Cylinder

Alright.  Some more updates.  I’ve updated the template so if you would like to follow the post, you will remain completely anonymous. 

So, a few months back I cracked my 2nd cylinder, as I cracked my last one after about 4 years of use.  I’ve ordered mine from  Not a very pleasant experience.  First of all I ordered my cylinder back before Thanksgiving of last year.  It finally arrived to only find out that I had ordered it too big.  (note, if you order it too big, it will not be a very pleasurable experience).  So, I activated their RMA status.  Long story short, and having to pay twice, I should have a new cylinder here very soon.  I know your not here to hear about that story, so I’ll keep it at that.

I ordered the contoured cylinder.  Lets see how it works out.  I’m just excited to start pumping gain!
So, what would you like to hear about when it comes to pumping?  Would you like to submit an article?  Please email me at

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