Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Started

Pumping has been around for a while, us men all dream that we have a cock much bigger than what we got. Our ultimate dream is that we have a Dick so big that when we fuck women, it will dislocate her hips, and when we cum in them, it will spew from their nose!

Now, even though we know its impossible, we can dream right? So, what do we do, we tug, yank, and pull to stretch it out as much as we can. And for those of us who doesn't think that's enough, we resort to pumping.

So, how do we start?

Well, I've tried a few different sorts, and I have come across the best things I like to use.

First, you need a pump, a cylinder, and lube.

The pump and lube are easy, you can pick those up locally. But the cylinder, you may want to order it online.

Go to sears and get the Mite-y-vac from the auto supply store. Get the one with the pressure gauge. This will become important.

Go to your local lube store and get the JOH2O water based lubricant. Water based is very important for comfort, keeping the seal, and clean up.

The Cylinder, that's a different story. You may want to order it online from Dr. Kaplin's website. Or Boston Pump. I've ordered a new cylinder from boston pump for the first time, the materials appear to be of excellent grade, but their service has yet to be desired. I ordered my cylinder back in late november, I ordered it too big, and I sent it back for a return. That's a story for another article.

Go to Boston Pump or Dr. Kaplin's website to determine your initial size.

Until next time.

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