Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So,now that you got your pump...

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So, now that you got your pump, your lube, and your
Mityvac, your ready to get started. Now, as with any toy us guys get, the first thing we wanna do is play with it, HARD; however with this one you wanna start slow.  Not doing it right can cause some negative effects, and you're not going to end up happy, or hurt.  If you end up hurt, you will be REALLY unhappy!  So, please, follow all the precautions.

I know you wanna get into it, and "pack" the tube with your dick, but don't! You will get hurt!  This is something you get to over time.

First thing I suggest is to get your self a little hard, if you go in totally soft, it will just hinder things a little bit. Stiffing up a little bit will definitely start getting blood pumping. You don't need a raging hard on, no needs to try. A stiffy will be just fine.

Once you've got a decent stiffy, go ahead and apply a little bit of lube to the cylinder and your cock. Don't need to goop it on, just enough to get the wet look. Make sure that you have the base of the cylinder lubed for the seal.

Once you've all lubed up, go ahead and insert cock, and start pumping. Start at 2 1/2 PSI, and work to 5PSI. Don't take it any further than that. Now the longer you pump, the more blood entering your cock will decrease the pressure. You kinda have to drive here, because you will wanna maintain 5PSI. Don't take it any higher than 5PSI, or you will develop blisters and a donut. You don't want that. You will be able to reach a higher PSI, but your first day is not the day for it. Stay with 5. [:)]

20 / 25 Min, then release. Give your cock a break. Trust me, your big boy needs to breath too. It will prevent the donut and blisters! I usually can't go more than 3 25 min sessions before I'm so horny I need to shoot myself off. Enjoy! It will be awesome!

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