Wednesday, March 7, 2012

120307 The Lubrication Affect

Another very important topic... Lube!
Now, I had mentioned in my earlier post that the JOH2O Water Based Lube is my preferred choice, and it still is. (Unless your using the pump in the bath-tub or shower, then you WILL need an oil based lube. - trust me. Ill explain later.)

But how much lube? How do you apply it? Why?

Well, the why is easy. If your skin can't easily move in the tube, it can't stretch. If it can't stretch, it will tear. If it tears, you will hurt yourself. I heard a quote a long time ago that still rings in my head: "If done right, the skin of your dick will stretch a mile without tearing an inch. You tear it an inch, and you will hurt for miles.". LoL.

So, How much?

I apply about a 1/2 a teaspoon (putting it generously).

How do I apply it? & Why...

I actually get myself to at least a semi-hard state(the harder, the better) and apply the lube to the bottom of the inside of the tube. This way I can stick my dick in, and move it around until I am confident that my head and the neck are lubed up.

That's right, get it messy!

Right before I begin applying negative pressure, I add one more drop to the base (you only need a drop, that JOH2O is expensive), on my skin between my skin and the cylinder base, and spin the cylinder a few times.

Why?  If you can spin the cylinder over your cock when negative pressure is applied, then you are using the lube correctly and effectively, and your cock is going to stretch and expand on the inside and stretch your outer skin evenly.

If you can't spin your cylinder around your cock under negative pressure, the walls of the cylinder are holding your skin in place, and your cock will expand on the inside and your outer skin will tear! (This can also cause blisters as well - blisters and tears will cause a world of hurt. (Let it happen once, you'll know what I'm talking about; or heed my advice and do it right).

Continue to try to spin the cylinder around your cock a few times between 3 and 5psi before you go crazy with the negative pressure. Drop pressure and spin it a few times every now and then to make sure the lube is distributed evenly inside. You will see amazing results.

Now, lastly, oil based vs water based lube.

Water based lube means that water will dissolve the lube, so make sure you are NOT adding any more water to the water based lube. It will counteract the lubrication, and defeat its purpose. Apply water based lube to DRY surfaces only.

When playing with your pump around water(ie: shower, tub, hot tub, pool, etc), the best thing to do is to use an oil based lube, and of course practice the same applications as I mentioned earlier.

Clean up is a little different because regular soap and water will not cut it. Anti-bacterial soap will work best, but don't worry too much, your skin will absorb what oil you can't clean off and use it in the healing process.
Have fun, and be safe!

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