Thursday, March 15, 2012

120315 Pumping today

I came home to pump today...
I was able to pack the pump.
Take a look...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

120307 The Lubrication Affect

Another very important topic... Lube!
Now, I had mentioned in my earlier post that the JOH2O Water Based Lube is my preferred choice, and it still is. (Unless your using the pump in the bath-tub or shower, then you WILL need an oil based lube. - trust me. Ill explain later.)

But how much lube? How do you apply it? Why?

Well, the why is easy. If your skin can't easily move in the tube, it can't stretch. If it can't stretch, it will tear. If it tears, you will hurt yourself. I heard a quote a long time ago that still rings in my head: "If done right, the skin of your dick will stretch a mile without tearing an inch. You tear it an inch, and you will hurt for miles.". LoL.

So, How much?

I apply about a 1/2 a teaspoon (putting it generously).

How do I apply it? & Why...

I actually get myself to at least a semi-hard state(the harder, the better) and apply the lube to the bottom of the inside of the tube. This way I can stick my dick in, and move it around until I am confident that my head and the neck are lubed up.

That's right, get it messy!

Right before I begin applying negative pressure, I add one more drop to the base (you only need a drop, that JOH2O is expensive), on my skin between my skin and the cylinder base, and spin the cylinder a few times.

Why?  If you can spin the cylinder over your cock when negative pressure is applied, then you are using the lube correctly and effectively, and your cock is going to stretch and expand on the inside and stretch your outer skin evenly.

If you can't spin your cylinder around your cock under negative pressure, the walls of the cylinder are holding your skin in place, and your cock will expand on the inside and your outer skin will tear! (This can also cause blisters as well - blisters and tears will cause a world of hurt. (Let it happen once, you'll know what I'm talking about; or heed my advice and do it right).

Continue to try to spin the cylinder around your cock a few times between 3 and 5psi before you go crazy with the negative pressure. Drop pressure and spin it a few times every now and then to make sure the lube is distributed evenly inside. You will see amazing results.

Now, lastly, oil based vs water based lube.

Water based lube means that water will dissolve the lube, so make sure you are NOT adding any more water to the water based lube. It will counteract the lubrication, and defeat its purpose. Apply water based lube to DRY surfaces only.

When playing with your pump around water(ie: shower, tub, hot tub, pool, etc), the best thing to do is to use an oil based lube, and of course practice the same applications as I mentioned earlier.

Clean up is a little different because regular soap and water will not cut it. Anti-bacterial soap will work best, but don't worry too much, your skin will absorb what oil you can't clean off and use it in the healing process.
Have fun, and be safe!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

120306 Some Q&A

So, I've gotten a lot or responses after the last new posts. I'll answer a few of 'em here.
Jim asked: Hi, tell us a little bit more about yourself.
Well, I 36 years old, I own my own business, as well as a government employee. I am married, and my wife knows that I pump.  She doesn't like it, so I don't do it around her. We brought the pump into the bedroom once, and my wife found it interesting, however, she is intimidated by it, so it's not brought into the room any more.
Dirk asked: Are you still pumping?
Am I pumping right now? No. The last time I pumped was this morning. I try to pump at least once a day. I have come home for lunch once to do it because I was thinking about it all day.
I'm not a crazy fanatic that let it consumes my life, however I do enjoy it.
"The Kid" asks: Where are you at?
I live in Albuquerque, NM.
Jess Commented: Awesome Blog!
Thanks for reading Jess! And thank you all for being awesome readers!
If you would like to be a guest blogger, please feel free to email me at
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Monday, March 5, 2012

120305 Latest Pics

Latest Pics

120305 Head Blisters

Let's talk about a painful subject here for a moment...  No one likes to talk about them, however, they do happen: Head Blisters.
Head Blisters are caused when a small break occurs between the outer dermis and the inner dermis of the gland on the head or neck of your cock under negative pressure (or suction).
This most often occurs after over 30 minutes of extreme negative pressure above 7psi.

Recommendation: stay at or below 5psi, and you should be ok.  (Staying at 5, even though a slow process, allows your dick to actually become acustom to stretching at it's own pace.  and you can keep modifying your psi because as your cock grows in the cylinder, it takes up space and lowers the psi.  So, yes, monitor, and when it dips below 5psi, give your pump a squeeze, and keep it at 5psi.

However...  You will want to depressurize every 20 / 25 minutes, to allow new blood to circulate thru your cock.   Its a living thing, it needs it...

Ok, blisters - what to do.

People see a blister, and right away, they wanna pop it. Let me tell you, that's the worst thing you could do. If its bad, seek medical attention. (Bigger than a pencil eraser.). First thing to do is STOP PUMPING and RELEASE the Negative pressure. And for Pete's sake (get it "pete" lol) don't start pumping again.

Ok... Don't pop it. (But you did anyway). Let me tell you, your gonna me miserable for about 5 days; and only 5 days if you do what I recommend.

First clean your whole cock including the wound very well with anti - bacterial soap (not shower, or deoderant soap - use that Dial anti-bacterial, or that soft and soap, or anything anti-bacterial). I like that soft soap you get at walmart (or even it's equate generic).

Clean your whole dick with it very well. DON'T pull the excess blister skin off! Your body will use what it needs and let the rest go on its own.

Now, let me warn you - Water is going to hurt! This is a good thing. Its a reminder that your dick is still alive and to never take it to that extreme again. Wash - Rinse - BLOT DRY. (Twice, 3 times a day if you can).

Apply a drop (not a glob, just a drop) of Neosporin or that Eucerin stuff to encourage a quick heal every time you clean it.

I keep a piece of non-stick gauze cause over the blister held there by the overlapping foreskin. However, every time you pee, your gonna have to change it out to prevent infection.  The non-stick gauze is because the blister is going to drain on it's own.  And if you allow it to just leak every where, your junk is going to stink, and it's going to get infected.  The gauze will actually pull the fluid away from the wound thus allowing it to heal more efficiently.

This will heal in about 5 days, however, you will not want to resume pumping until after 8 days.

If you didn't pop the blister, good for you! You are a strong person! just follow the same steps above including the gauze and neosporin, and the blister will pop, drain, or diminish on its own; and will heal in just under 4 days, and you can begin pumping after the 4th day again.
Hope this helps.

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120305 OverPumping

So, I get it... Pumping can get addicting. It puts me in a high almost all day when I pump to where after a few hours, I want to go back and do it again; however unless your rich, and can afford to stay at home all day, and not interact with anybody, that just can't happen.

Besides, its good to give your dick a break every now and then. Giving your cock a break does several things. It allows your cock to recuperate from the (intentional) damage (caused by the stretching) and adjusts to the new way of doing things; and prevents yourself from getting painful and damaging head blisters.  (will talk about those in the next post).

So, give it a break for a few days every now and then. Especially if you go hard for a few days (like I like to do). Your cock will thank you, and when you start up again, it will be that much more pleasurable.
Until next time.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finally got my new Cylinder

So, I finally got my new cylinder today after several months of waiting. Since its been like 4 months since I've used the pump, I know I need to take it super slow, and super easy.

Like I mentioned earlier, I don't want to start out with more than 5lbs PSI right off the bat because you just don't want to hurt yourself OR develop a bellpepper head (not attractive, and very painful). Starting off with a small amount of pressure allows blood to naturally flow into your dick, and kinda forces you to do Keigels.

I alway recomend swurling the cylinder around to give the base of your dick some ease and promote circulation. The more you move it, the more tension you put on that long tendon that hold your dick to your pelvic bone. That's what you wanna feel working. Don't worry about the skin, the head. If you get that inner tendon working and stretching, you are on your way my friend...
Until next time...
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